Real Estate Investing and Being a Landlord

According to some experts, if you want to be rich, you should try real estate investing. Many individuals today are living in the peak of wealth because of real estate business. Anyone can access real estate investing and all it takes is a bit of knowledge.

Even if youíre new in the real estate business, you already have the basic knowledge of how things work. Perhaps you were once a renter before you became a homeowner. You knew how it felt to be a renter or a homeowner. You can use this knowledge as you enter the real estate business.

Take this very good example Ėpurchase several houses and have them rented. In about 30 years, you have already paid off the mortgages. The value of your property has already doubled by this time and not only that, the rental rates are already doubled. Another advantage is that you donít have any loan payment.

Are you now inspired? That is just the classic model of real estate investing. Now what if you have ten properties worth $80,000 (thirty years ago) and at present, itís already worth $350,000 each. The yearly appreciation rate may be at least 5%. So now you have a $3,500,000 portfolio. The lowest possible rental rate today is $1,200; multiplied by ten will give you $12,000 gross rents every month. After the T&I are deducted, you now have about $9,000.

Everything may sound easy. But in reality, when you first purchase properties, the succeeding years can be very tough. Why? Your expenses in the beginning are really high and you get slim cash flow. Many investors canít survive this stage because they donít have enough cash to pay for the high expenses.

There is a short term solution. You should not concentrate on merely buying properties and instead focus on quick-turning houses. You can turn the houses into instant cash. Pick the quick-turning houses and flip them to other investors for $5,000 to $20,000. Your cash flow needs will surely be met and you get to maintain the rental properties.

Management is the key to your success. If you plan to hold properties over the long term, you should know how to properly manage them. You can manage them on your own or you can have a company manage it on your behalf. You will be both a landlord and a real estate investor.

Although some people donít like the image of landlords, you can be a better one. Besides, the rental properties provide you big dollars. You should concentrate in buying several properties and not single-family houses. Apartments are a great investment and you will earn more if you purchase apartments. If youíre ready to take the job as a landlord and a real estate investor, you can look forward to a bright and fruitful future. If you can survive the early stages of your business, you will reap big profits in the future.

The choice is yours. Now that you have an idea of how much you can earn in real estate investing, donít you think its time that give it a try? Gather capital and study the market. Consult experts so that all your decisions ad actions are guided. If you have the guts and knowledge, being in the real estate business will definitely give you big money in the coming years.

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