Creative Real Estate Investing Facts

Creative real estate investing is defined as the usage of non-traditional ideas and methods of selling and buying properties. Here, the buyer will initially secure his finance taken from a lending organization and pay the full amount together with borrowed funds which will serve as his down payment.

One of the effective ways in purchasing a house is through cash payment. Unfortunately, the typical family is not really in its proper financial situation to get into an agreement like this. Majority of the families are can modestly afford a down payment, thus, they are forced to secure what was left of the price of their purchase through mortgage from a lending institution. However, buyers should not exhaust their entire savings just to pay a huge down payment amount. This will lead to deprivation of reserves if in case any fall back happens or income will go down in the future.

What are options?

An option in real estate investment is termed as a person’s right to purchase a property for a specified amount on a certain period. The owner may choose to sell his or her option to someone. The option buyer then hopes that the value of the investment property will either down or up. The seller will receive a premium known as option consideration. The buyer also has the right to purchase the property or selling it to another person which he or she can exercise. This is usually done to gain control over the property without investing a lot of cash. Premiums in option are generally non-refundable. Options represent equitable interest and are recorded by the county recorder.

What is a lease option?

A lease option is comprised of two main parts namely an option and a lease (rental agreement). This is written in either one or two contracts. A rental agreement occurring between the potential lessee or tenant and the owner is implied as a lease. Leases hold the lessee responsible for paying the maintenance, upkeep, insurance and taxes of the property. Lease payments are typically five to fifteen percent higher than the rent of the property. For the lessee to have tax benefits, this lease type is structured as if the lessee is the owner himself.

What is sandwich lease option?

This is not, at any way, an option. This is just created by tenants who wish to exit his or her unit as the tenant not having exit options written by the landlord in their lease. In order to provide mitigation option (a way of reducing costs and risks), a person can find a tenant to replace the unit. The tenant found for replacement becomes the tenant of the existing tenant and not the tenant of the landlord. The legal tenant will now have the right to create whatever rent, policy and deposit systems that he or she wishes to imply on the new tenant.

To further understand the process in sandwich lease option, a branch of creative real estate investing, further explanations are provided. The moment the new tenant notices any need for maintenance or has encountered problems with the unit, he or she will contact the landlord who will then contact the real, legal landlord in for repairs and maintenances to happen.

The new tenant is required to achieve payments to the temporary landlord who will then make the rent payment to the original landlord, thus, making things legal and paid.

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